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Case Study #40

The Union Club of New York

101 East 69th Street
New York, New York

($38,221 as of 1999)
Cost of Energy Work:$129,000
Cost of Other Work:$150,000
Current Savings:16% avg.
Simple Payback (projected):5.2 years

Energy Conservation and Other Necessary Work Performed:

  1. Designed a proprietary system to preheat cold city water for domestic hot water use utilizing hot Con Edison water stream condensate
  2. Supplied and installed Protemp computerized domestic hot water controller for house domestic hot water
  3. Supplied and installed Protemp computerized steam heating controller for space heating system.
  4. Replaced or repaired many of the steam traps in the facility (more are scheduled for repair/replacement).
  5. Installed steam trap sensing chambers for all float and thermostatic steam traps (future plan includes connecting the sensing chambers back to an automatic annunciator panel for immediate notification of steam leaks/plugs).
  6. Retired athletic domestic hot water heater and associated hydro-pneumatic booster system.
  7. Regularly communicating remotely via modems with each Protemp to assure maximum energy efficiency.
  8. Providing ongoing technical support and regularly reviewing steam usage.
  9. Currently performing energy/mechanical "master plan" for sixty-seven (67) year old mechanical systems.

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