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Case Study #35

The Princeton Club of New York

15 West 43rd Street.
New York, New York

($314,065 through 9/1999)
Cost of Installation:$250,000
Simple Payback:3.9 years

Energy Conservation Work Performed:

  1. Designed a proprietary system to preheat cold city water for domestic hot water use utilizing hot Con Edison water stream condensate
  2. Replaced inefficient steam fired semi-instantaneous domestic hot water heaters with new super-efficient versions.
  3. Supplied and installed three (3) Protemp computerized domestic hot water controllers (1 - guest rooms; 1 - kitchen/laundry and 1 - common area bathrooms and athletic department).
  4. Supplied and installed three (3) Protemp computerized hydronic space heating controllers (1- perimeter guest room space heat; 1- perimeter common area space and 1 - for limited reheat).
  5. Regularly communicating remotely via modems with each Protemp to assure maximum energy efficiency.
  6. Providing ongoing technical support
  7. Regularly reviewing steam usage.

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